Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ye zindgi usee ki hai...

Bina Rai (June 4, 1936- Dec. 6, 2009) convinced her parents to let her act in movies by going on hunger strike. She acted with Premnath in Aurat (1953) which was a remake of Samson and Delilah. They fell in love and married. Her films with Premnath did not do well at the box office but her pairing with Pradeep Kumar was a hit.

Some of her very famous roles were in Anarkali(1953), Insaniyat (1955), Ghunghat (1960), Taj Mahal (1963) and Ram rajya (1967).

She received Filmfare best actress award for Ghunghat.

Film: Anarkali (1953)
Music: C. Ramchandra
Lyrics: Rajinder Kishen
Original singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Filmed on: Bina Rai and Pradeep Kumar

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Sarmi said...

This is Classic oldie and you have rendered it superbly.Variation in "Alvida" is too good.Lata ji Songs suits your voice a lot.Your high notes are handled with finesse with a strong grip on your expression. Love it,Dr Sahiba.Keep singing this way.

Latha said...

Paras ! i always wish to cover this !:-) you did it very well ! liked it a lot !

Thinkal Govind Kumar said...

Wah Re Wah ! Bahut Khoob !
As usual, your good self took me to a world of divine music in your enchanting voice that also brought back a lot of nostalgic memories about the good old foregone days !
LOVED your great voice, & beautiful expressions !
Hats off & humbly bowing down before your versatile singing !
GOD Bless !

Kaushick said...

Paras ji ..What a pick and what a superb soulful rendition.. you have sung this with tremendous feel and involvement.. bringing out the spirit of the original so well... bahot hi umda!

Sajja said...

one of my great favourite songs
used to sing it all the time
very beautifully sung Paras
loved the ending awesome

Kavita Mahajan said...

Hi Paras,
One of my all-time favorite songs! You sang it beautifully and were able to sustain the high notes and expressiveness right to the end. This one is for the ages!

Ramesh said...

Hi Paras,

Enjoyed your singing! This song is very difficult to sing and you made it very well through out the scale.

Thanks for inviting me to listen.

Best Regards,


Harish said...

Amazing song, and a very good rendition Paras! tough on breathing :) I wonder why you delayed 'pyar' in 'pyar hi mein kho gaya', by that extra micro second. Wow, Alvidaa was picture perfect :)

satheesh kumar nair said...

Love this dr., soul stirring rendition of this evergreen classic of Indian cenema. even at higher notes your sruti (u call it sur ?)is unwavering like laser, that twist at the end of "jo kisi kf ho gaYA " was so sharp and beautiful... In 2nd and 3rd stanza , i was waiting to to hear that extensions of "chale gayee" and "mat kaho" etc, but it never came, may be different version than what i am familiar with..Keep singing for us , dear dr.

Dinesh said...

Dr Sedani,
Dear Parasben,
AS usual-Excellent-I have a different track for this--Dinesh

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

Very fine rendition, Paras. Really enjoyed listening to this soul stirring tune!! My favorite line in this song "yeh zindgi chali gayi..".
Your voice is very beautiful in this. Congrats!!
Many songs you sing will end up in my wish list too :)

Madhukar said...

Dear Paras ji, I am surprised that you just recorded this classic.... May be its my good fortune to have an opportunity to listen. You have delivered this Gem in an outstanding manner. Great Job... Keep uploading such old Gems.

Harshan said...

Paras ...what a song ...look at the shelf life of this song, still a teen ager even after living 3 generations...awesome singing...especially loved the soul you really imparted in this rendition..loved it very much !!!!! Young Lataji at her best ...immortal song ..hats off to you for covering this so beautifully.

Dinesh Pithia said...

Very nice rendition. One of the best songs and very difficult to sing, but you have sung with great feel. Liked it very much! Thanks for sharing!

Parasmani said...

Sarmi:So happy to know that you liked the high notes and Alvida. Your personal mail was even more precious.

Latha: Thanks..would love to hear it from you too.

TGK: This was and still remains one of the most popular songs..glad you liked it.

Mark: glad you liked the feel...I do try to live the part.

Saroj: I would love to hear it from you too...glad you liked it.

Kavita: This one is for the ages!
I am happy that you liked my attempt.

Ramesh: So happy to see you here. This WAS recorded because of YOUR farmaish. Thanks!

Harish: thanks for coming out of hibernation. Pyar was delayed because I wanted to sing the lines in one go and needed some breathing space. This almost did not pass my own scrutiny.

Satheesh: So glad you liked this one. The extensions and alaaps are in the happy version of this song.

Dinesh bhai: Thanks. I heard your recording too and liked it.

Sarada: Must do..start recording.

Madhukar bhai: thanks for your kind words.

Sree: So so happy you liked it :)

Dinesh: Thanks...always count on your support.

Srishti Ananya said...

Aunty ... U r wonderful. Very nice voice & singing ...I want to become just like U. I & My Mom r Ur Big Fan... My mom always listen ur songs & says "wonderful... Great voice.. Lagta hai jaese sunti rahu."
With lots of love

Anonymous said...

It was beautiful singing Paras... Mughal-e-Azam ki yad taza kar di... bohot hi achi awaz aur nehayat achey tareeqe se gaya ap ne... keep it up.


Azam Khan said...

Beautifully sung, Paras! It literally gave me goose bumps! Such were the melodies, ever lasting melodies! I felt the beginning to be slightly unsure but then I knew right away, why! The remaining song was not less than a long hypnotic suggestion! The ending is still echoing in my ears! Several minutes after the song ended. Wonderful work!

Parasmani said...

Srishti: Thanks :) you made me very happy.

Wazif bhai: Thanks so much. So glad you liked my effort.

Khan Sahab: Always happy to have your feedback. Thank you so much.

musictherapist said...

very gud

daanish said...

"ae zindgi ki shaam aa
tujhe gle lgaaooN main..."

very nice classic oldie
and very nicely reproduced... waah !
in the beginning
the 'aakaar' is done with finesse
and the gamak can be well-felt where required...
and at 'alvidaa',
you have given the best of your skill

congratulations .

Anonymous said...

Great Singing Parasmani Ji...... All The emotions were shown brilliantly in the songs.... Even the voice quality suited those songs....

Great Work Overall

Kindly give ur comments over my singing

U can even listen most of my songs on
Amitesh Chandrayan

RK said...

Wah .. bahut khoob! Your singing was top class. Lovely feel, you just took me that era. Loved the variations in Alvida. Hats off for covering this so beautifully.


Vaishali said...

Great pick, Paras. Showcases your singing abilities to the max.

Parasmani said...

Dilip bhai: Thanks :)

Muflis Sahab: Thanks so much for your detailed input about what you liked. It is very valuable to me :)

Amitesh: Thanks...Welcome to my blog. I admire your style and voice. Will certainly visit your songs.

Rk: Very happy to know that you liked it. Generous of you!

Vaishali: Thank you..thank you...thank you :)

Raju Kothari said...

Dear Paras,

Excellent performance.


Anonymous said...

Sorry am late Paras - have been running around.:)
First - my congrats for such a fabulous pick! (Used to be a fav' of my late parents)
You have sung it as well as ever! Enjoyed this one v' much!:)

Anonymous said...

Paras, lovely classic of Lataji. Excellent singing-you have created the vintage effect. Congrats!

Rajeev ONV

ANGELA said...

Beautiful and sweet voice ! thank;s Parasmani, VERY VERY NICE!

इस्मत ज़ैदी said...

pahli bar is blog par aai hoon
bahut nayaab blog hai apka

bahut khoobsoorat geet , aakhir men har bar 'alvida' ek alag tassur chhodta hai ' bahut khoob .

Anonymous said...

You've sung "Yeh zindagi usiki hai wonderfully".... Seriously too good !!! :)
And now listening to Munni badnaam hui on Azam Bhai's profile.... wow... too good !!!

You're a versatile singer Paras....

Chondryma Chakrobortti

Anonymous said...

Paras you have sung it good though it could have been better


N V Krishnan said...

Paras ji..

First of all let me thank you for singing this song ..It reminded me of my mother(whom I lost last year)who used to sing this quite often, that too very well ....Your song brought her memories and I had tears in my eyes...

You have sung this beautifully. Nice expressive rendition...Liked it a lot..

सागर नाहर said...

मेरे ब्लॉग पर आपने एक कमेण्ट किया और उसके जरिए मैं आपके ब्लॉग पर आया और उसके बाद आपके साथ कई सुन्दर कलाकारों के गीत सुनने मिले। आनन्द आ गया।
बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद। उम्मीद है आपकी सुन्दर आवाज में और भी मिलेंगे।

गीतों की महफिल,
तकनीकी दस्तक

Parasmani said...

Raju: Thanks so much...

Sai: never too late, thanks...

Rajeev: I appreciate it.

Angela: glad you liked it.

Ismat ji: Aap ka blog bhi mujhe bahot pasand hai. Aksar jaa ke padhti hun. Aap ke yahan aane se badi khushi hui mujhe.

Chondryma: so nice of you to listen to both the songs and your support.

Lavanya: thanks, I agree. It can always be better.

NVK: So nice to know that your mother used to sing this song. I am happy you liked it.

Sagar ji: Thanks for visiting.

rajatpawar said...

wow..very similar to young Lata's voice.
My fav song and you were so close to the original.
Good job Mam.

Shailender said...


You have sung this very soulfully.....just loved the expressions and feel that you have created in the golden oldie...

Enjoyed listening to it thoroughly....way to go....


Parasmani said...

Rajat: I am very happy to see your comment here. Coming from such a young person..I am surprised and delighted. Thanks so much!

Shailender: You liked it...that makes me very happy. Thanks!

Gopinath said...

visiting ur site after a long gap. (g)olden song.. beautiful soulful rendition.. kudos.

shantha said...

Hi Dr. Parasmani,
Very popular classical oldie and very nicely sung. Enjoyed very much.

Keep Singing

Partha Mukherjee said...

This song is one of my extreme favorite. Right from the start I just loved your singing,so tough the song is but you have sung it so so easily yet superrrrrrbly.We can only dream of such singing Didi.Alvida was just toooo good.