Sunday, November 14, 2010

Munni badnaam hui...

Movie: Dabangg (Fearless) (2010)
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Lalit Pandit
Choreographer: Farah Khan
Original singers: Mamta Sharma & Aishwarya Nigam
Filmed on: Malaika Arora Khan (Munni), Salman Khan(Inspector Chulbul Pandey) & Sonu Sood (Chedi Singh)
and a cast of very talented dancers. Malaika Arora Khan is married to Salman Khan's younger brother Arbaaz Khan, who plays the role of "Makkhi Pandey", Inspector Chulbul Pandey's younger brother and is the producer of "Dabangg".

Choreographer Farah Khan is the niece of Daisy Irani and Honey Irani.
I thank Azam for joining me in this duet.

Download "Munni badnaam hui"


Pradip Somasundaran said...

Well I have not heard the original. But now this will be the original for me. Thunderinly awesome! Paras and Azam you are totally different and yet so enjoyable....:)

Sudha said...

I may have heard a bit of the original a while back - awesome job, Paras and Azam! From Boole bisre geet to an item number, total transformation!
Enjoyed it,

Pradeep Barre said...

Dear Paras Ji,

Paras Ji, you were simply outstanding & so was Azam Ji. Liked the energy
and feel very much! Stupendous effort!

Hearty congratulations,

Sajja said...

wow Paras it is awesome from golden oldies to a brand new film song
both you and Azam have sung really well
very energetic song

Kala Vijay said...

Paras,i cannot believe this!!from 1950 nbrs to munni badnam?that too with such perfection.
you are really a super sounded just like the original paras.what an energy.hats off to both of you.

Anonymous said...

Paras ji

I am a little surprised by your choice of song...obviously you both enjoyed singing it and have sung it well....Honestly speaking I diliked the original on first listen and never tried to hear it again....but that is a matter of personal have worked hard on it and the result is quite good singing -wise...thanx for sharing

Dr Sridhar Saxena

swati said...

OMG!! :O
Paras didi..awesome and unbelieveable performance... i never expected such a number from you.... great energy and super feel!!!!!

Satheesh Kumar nair said...

I am amazed at your versatility !!!, totally different from your songs i am familiar with. I cant dream of attempting such a fast number. And it is a thorough professional work, and i salute that azam also, this is much above our commoners muzibooan standard, singing -wise, editing-wise and mixing-wise…also i loved that song “aaja re” lying beside. btw, when do you treat patients…. or left them all for music ? :)

Khatod said...

Hi Paras & Azam
Maza aa gaya!!!, First time heard you in a different style and I must say you both have lived the song. Awesome!!!

Manoaj Khatod

Mala said...

Paras and Azam,
Marvelous! I have heard the original song. While watching the video, when I heard your rendition it was hard for me to tell if the singers were you both or the original singers. Both of you are very versatile artists. It is indeed a very popular, light-hearted song, and the tune changed my mood for better.
Keep it up. I look forward to new as well as old songs on your blog in the coming months / years. -- Mala

Dinesh Pithia said...

Paras & Azam,
Excellent! Could not believe at first, but you both sound so professional and original. Paras, it suits your voice very well and you poured brilliant expression throughout. Azam harmonized the duet very well.
Nice mix and well crafted project. Liked the theme's colorful picture and my next farmaish to Azam from the same film "Tere mast mast Do Nain" Good Work! I love it! Keep it up as this was a Diiwali treat for us!

Latha said...

paras ji and khan sahab beautiful work ..kya baatha hai ji ..wonderful work ..enjoyed it alot ..:-)

Bhavana said...

Ekdum Mast, 'Seeti' worthy peformance!After your rocking rendition of 'Namak' this is another feather in your cap!
Both you and Azam have sung it very close to the original!

Harshan said...

Paras and Azam ...fantastic work ..just mindblowing...superb professional rendition. Paras was at her best ....loved the throw and the attitude ...Azam also complimented very well....One of the best item songs of 2010....hats off :)

Leena said...

Awesome singing, Paras and Azam, amazing voice effects and editing, everything sounded very professional, great job.
Nice to hear a different kind of song in your voice Paras.



Sarada Bhagavatula said...

Truly stupendo fantabulous ;)

Akshay Hari said...

Dear Paras Ji,

I just listened to Munni Badnaam, and I am speechless!! Simply outstanding, you and Azam Ji brought out the feelings of this song so perfectly.

I'm really glad I got to hear a duet from the two of you after quite some time; it was very refreshing to hear your amazing voices again :-)

Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

Parasji, what a transformation from your last post! Fantastic , mind blowing and perfect!! Great support by Azam bhai as always :)
You keep bringing in amazing varieties and that makes you special.

babu said...

paras whats this???!!!!!!.totally different and a big surprise for gaya hein !!!! speechless ....paras and azzam just too good..what a voice modulations..great great absolutely great..

Bharti said...

Paras didi and Azam,
Fantastic rendition !! Paras didi you have done a really wonderful job !! sang this song with same mood and style as original. Loved the way you sang 'darrrling' same way as original. Excellent singing both ! Enjoyed a lot !

Thinkal Govind Kumar said...

Heard & enjoyed this perfect & energetic rendition in a totally new style by your good self that was quite a pleasant surprise !
LOVED your versatile & awesome rendition adhering to the original feel & expressions !
Felt just like hearing the original !
Standing ovation ! You are great !
Really proud to have you around !
Azam has also done well !
Please keep entertaining us all like this !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes !

Adithi said...

OMG! AS good as the original for me! Truly blessed to know amazing talents as yourselves! :) As you rightly mentioned, all of us are well aware and accustomed to the versatility of you both! :D...Loving this rendition immensely! :)

Sajeev Sarathie said...

very well done parasmani ji....keep it up :)


Vaishali said...

Very well sung ... liked the energy and voice modulations !

Angela said...

Parasmani….very very nice duet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the share... it was kind of a blast... wonderful singing... Keep sharing like this.


Parasmani said...

Pradip: You made my day! Thanks for your support.

Sudha: Glad you liked the total change of scene! Thanks.

Pradeep: Thanks, I liked the energy of this song and it became an irresistible challenge.

Saroj: I like Azam's part even better. Thank you!

Kala: I was hoping that you might enjoy this effort :)

Sridhar: Thanks..In my case, the first time I heard it, it called my name. Azam just could not say no to his friend!

Swati: your reaction is worth the effort!

Satheesh: I appreciate your generous remarks. I had to give up music when I joined Medical School..not enough hours in a day :)

Manoaj: So happy to hear that you enjoyed. Thanks so much!

Mala: You always get the preview edition, and thanks for the review!

Dinesh: My eyes always look for your encouraging remarks! Thanks.

Parasmani said...

Latha: Glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks.

Bhavana: I knew those two (bundle of joy) will make you forget your name, but I know your writing anywhere! So nice to read your unique comments!

Harshan: I can always count on you to have heard both old and new songs. Your words make it all worth it.

Leena: So nice to hear from you. Glad you liked it.

Sarada: Thank you, thank you!

Akshay: This song needed a stamp of approval from your generation. Thanks :)

Adwait: So happy you liked it! Azam has done multitasking here and done it well!

Babu: Thanks so much! I do like to try different songs of different singers.

Bharti: You liked it, means a lot to me :)

Adithi: That is so sweet of you. Makes me very happy to know that it was good enough!

Parasmani said...

TGK: Thanks much for your support :)

Sajeev ji: Thank you!

Vaishali:Very happy to know that you liked it. Thanks!

Angela: Thanks :):)

Wazif bhai: blast.. is great! Shukriya!

RajD said...

Mazaa Aaa Gaya - Paras and Azam-wow what a rendition.

RK said...

Parasji wah kya baat hai.. Excellent job! Thoroughly enjoyed this one.
Azam bhai as usual was at his best.
Lovely voice modulation.


Azam Khan said...

Pradip, thanks for your wonderful words! Its good to hear from you!
Sudha, thank you for your encouragement!

Pradeep, your hearty comments are appreciated very much!

Sajja, thanks for your feedback!

Satheesh, your humility is as appreciated as it is encouraging!

Manoaj, thanks for responding to my request and providing your valuable feedback!

Mala, your words are always so encouraging! Thank you!

Dinesh bhai, as Paras mentioned and rightly so, I too look forward to hearing from you! Your request is noted!

Bhavana, your comment brought a smile to my face! Thank you very much!

Leena, always good to hear from you! Thank you very much!

Sarada, thank you for your comment!

Akshay, thank you for your generous feedback!

Adwait, I am always happy to provide my support! Thanks!

Babu, bohat shukria aap ki qeemti raye ka!

Bharti, nice to hear from you! Thank you very much!

Thinkal, thanks! I am glad you liked my part in the song!

Adithi, thanks so much for your kind words!

Vaishali, thank you for listening!

Wazif, thank you for your feedback!

RajD, thanks a bunch for your comments!

RK, your comments always make me happy! Thank you very much!

Thanks to all who took the time listening to this effort!

Smita said...

Wow!!! This is absolutely fantastic :) So much energy, and so well sung! So glad I could listen to this rendition... very very well done.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding singing Paras and Azam!! Sorry I am late - been travelling. Paras -you sound amazing in this - that tone - gosh - too good!:)

Rahul said...

Dear Paras Ji and Khan Bhai,

Great hit song from this movie and the original is mindblowing too..

@Paras Ji - You truly surprised me. I have heard you singing oldies but Munni Badnaam...:)))) Never expected you to sing this one but you showed your singing versatility with this item number. The tone was perfect and the song had a lots of energy which made it a very pleasurable listen. Great Job.

@Khan Bhai - Aapko sunke hamesha hi dil ko sukoon milta hai. Exemplary singing and mixing. I saw the video and it sounds amazing.

Overall it was a mindblowing rendition. Hats off to both of you. Keep rocking!!!


Kaushick M said...

Listened to Munni badnaam hui… wow … great singing by both of you …. high energy and great feel.

Dinesh Mehta said...

You have both done excellent voice modulations and provided high energy.

Azam Khan said...

Smita, it has been a while. Good to hear from you! Thanks for your feedback!

Sai, thank you for your valuable feedback :)

Rahul, thanks for your good words! Appreciate your feedback!

Kaushick, I am glad you like this rendition! Thanks again!

Dinesh ji, thank you very much!

Harish ... A Mohd. Rafi fan! said...

Incredible transformation! Sounds like an original to me. Paras and Azam, both of you have proved that those who can sing the 'golden oldies', can sing any genre of song with utmost ease!

Azam Khan said...

Harish, thank you very much for such wonderful encouragement! Its really appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Parasmani and Azamji,
Heard your rendition. Never heard the original. Quite a different style that I usually hear from you. Great energy and feel. This is not a song that I listen repeatedly in a loop. It is me. Nevertheless well sung.

Keep singing,

Parasmani said...

Raj: Thanks. Always nice to hear from you.

RK: I am very happy that Azam agreed to do this song and the dialogues.
Glad you liked it.

Smita: Thanks for visiting. I am happy to know that you enjoyed this rendition.

Sai: Thanks for all those nice, encouraging words.

Rahul: What a pleasant surprise! Very happy to know that you enjoyed this rendition.

Kaushick: Thank a lot :)

Dinesh Bhai: Thanks :)

Harish: Thanks. I know you prefer oldie-goldie songs and you will find plenty of those on my blog.

Shantha: Thanks. I like evergreen songs also but once in a while I go for a trendy number.

Priya said...

By the way, I loved your version of Munni badnaam hui! it is better than the original! Fun song! good choice!

RAJEEV said...

Paras, not familiar with the original. Excellent singing, especially the voice modulations. Outstanding support from Azam. Dont feel I've missed the original anymore-Congrats!

Shailender said...

Quite a transformation, Paras.....the voice had the right punch and feel for this item were amazing in this song....

Azam bhai supported very well....

Great duet...

Parasmani said...

Priya: I am so happy that YOU liked the song and the video with our voices.

Rajeev: Thanks. That was very generous of you.

Shailender: Thanks. Nice to know that you liked this "item" number.

Azam Khan said...

Shantha, for me, it was as unusual to sing as it was to listen. However, as fas singing is concerned, thats what made it more fun! Thank you for your feedback!

Priya, thanks so much for your encouraging feedback!

Rajeev & Shailendar, thank you both very much!

Nasir said...

Wonderful rendition by both Paras and Azam!

Of course, it must not have been easy to keep with the tempo, the background music and altering the pitch from the high to the low and vice-versa. That's a great craftsmanship too. Plus your voices sound like the original ones.

Well done!

Anonymous said...


Azam was deadly.

I downloaded this one, so you can understand how well you sang.



Parasmani said...

Nasir Bhai: Thanks so much. It was a pleasant surprise to see your comment on this song.

Girish bhai: Thanks. Azam has done a great job with the dialogues (all voices are his) and I am very happy with his singing.

Kumar Srinivasan said...

Sorry for getting here late.

Excellent energy and great expressions Parasji & Azam Bhai. Both of you stood up delivered this song superbly. Great singing !!


.:: ROSH ::. said...

that was absolutely jhakaas and mind blowing rendition guys, totally loved it!

Parasmani said...

Kumar: Thanks. I am glad you liked the energy and expressions.

Roshini: Your input is always appreciated. Thanks, that makes me so happy.

Anonymous said...

Wow Parasji kya gaaya hai aap donon ne. Beautiful singing by both of you with great expressions. Azam was also superb. Fully enjoyed.

Sojan Chacko

Parasmani said...

Sojan:I thank you for your kind remarks.

Nandita M said...

Awesome! Great job as usual from both. Great singing and nice mixing as well. Could totally picture Malaika & chulbul dancing :)

Azam Khan said...

Nasir sahab, Girish, Kumar, Rosh, and Sojan ji, thank you so very much for your encouragement! Your comments keep us a rejuvenated to continue.

Nandita, nice to see you after a long time. I hope all is well. Thank you so much for listening!

Parasmani said...

Nandita: so nice to get your input. Thanks...
Please post some songs also.

Sarmi said...

Wonderful work Paras and Azam.Really enjoyed it.Both of you maintained your tempo till the end..just awesome.
Paras,loved the texture and richness in your voice,as always.
Azam,you are awesome,as usual.

Parasmani said...

Sarmi: So very happy to hear from you on this effort. Thanks!
I was so impressed by Malaika's fitness and Farha Khan's choreography. Had this impulse and Khan Sahab went along.

musictherapist said...

u r rocking, wht a singing

MadhukarNC said...

Kya Gaaya Hai..... Both of you are such versatile singers!! Loved it..

Parasmani said...

Dilip bhai(musictherapist)
Madhukar bhai...Thank you so much.

Azam Khan said...

Sarmi! Thank you very much!
Dilip, thank you for listening!
Madhukar sahab, bohat shukria :)