Saturday, January 9, 2010

Akhiyan mila ke...

Zohrabai Ambalewali (1918-1990) was born into an orthodox Muslim family.
She received training under Ghulam Hussain Khan and Ustad Nasir Hussain Khan(Agra gharana).

She began her career on radio, singing mainly classical and semi-classical numbers. She also cut albums with HMV.
Music director Vasant Desai gave Zohrabai her first film song in Shakuntala (1943). Many of her popular songs were recorded for music director Naushad Ali in Ratan, Anmol Ghadi, Mela, and Jadoo.

Some of her very famous songs...
Sawan ke badlon...with Karan Diwan (Ratan)
Aayee Diwali aayee Diwali...(Ratan)
Aahen na bhari ...with Noor Jehan & Kalyani (Zeenat)
Udan khatole pe ud jaun...with Shamshad Begum (Anmol ghadi)

It is believed that Zohrabai sang the "most" number of songs between 1941-1950 (more than 1,000). Her daughter, Roshan Kumari is a famous Kathak dancer.

" Rattan" launched the career of Naushad .The story of two lovers who were separated when she was married off somewhere else, was considered a box office risk by the distributors but it turned out to be a huge success.
Lata Mangeshkar has included "Akhiyan Mila ke" in her "Shraddhanjali" album.

Movie: Rattan (1944)
Music: Naushad(1919-2006)
Lyrics: D N Madhok (1902- 1982)
Original singer: Zohrabai Ambalewali (1918-1990)
Filmed on: Swaran Lata(1924-2008) & Karan Diwan (1917-1979)

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Radhika said...

Lovely pick, Paras. This is one of my favs from old times. You have sung this very well and brought in the apt feel to the song. Really enjoyed this in your voice.

Anjaan said...

Dear Parasmani didi,
This is indeed one of your BEST . You have sung so close to the original, it actually just feels like listening to the original, great voice, and song. Singing as usual is FLAWLESS!!!!

N V Krishnan said...

Paras...Superb choice.. Loved the way you presented this lovely song. Very well sung ..Keep it up


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Kudos to your efforts for perfection in these classics. Loved it throughout.
Thanks for sharing,
Adwait Ranade.

Sajja said...

Paras, I remember listening to this nice old song when I was little. Thanks for reminding me. You have sung it almost like the original song. thanks for sharing it with us.


Sarada said...

Great choice, Paras! I've heard this in Lata Mangeshkar's tribute (her version) Shraddhanjali CD. Love this one absolutely! Very lively!

Dinesh Pithia said...

This one is one of your best and sounds very close to the original. Nice feel, wonderful expressions and excellent rendition. Great pick and enjoyed reading about Zohrabai which perhaps I didn't know.

Best treat for the year if I am listening the original on the radio!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Parasmani,
Very very familiar song. Grew up listening to this classic. Your voice well suited for this song and very nicely executed. Enjoyed very much listening to it. Nice pick.

Keep Singing listening

Azam Khan said...


I used to hear this quite a bit in my childhood. This is one of the most famous songs of yesteryears! You have sung really beautifully. I agree with Dinesh bhai that it is very much like listening to the original. Great start to the new year indeed!

രാഹുല്‍ കുരഞ്ഞിയൂര്‍ said...


You have emoted well in this song. Great singing. Enjoyed it well...

Bansi Pandya said...

Very well justified.

Neeru Tandon said...

Hello Parasji,
It was a pleasure to hear all these songs. You sing very well and very professionally.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
Love, Neeru

Parasmani said...

Thanks Radhika, Anjaan, NVK, Adwait, Saroj, Sarada, Dinesh, Shantha, Azam, Rahul, Bansi ji and Neeru ji for your very kind remarks.

I wanted to sing this catchy tune for a long time. I am a big fan of Naushad Sahab's music.
Aap sab ne suna...mehnat wasul ho gayee.

Syed Ali said...

I listened to this song of "Ratan", but I really liked your song "Kahe koyel shor machae re" . That was really entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Paras - (am a bit late here :D) - beautifully sung!!! You really bring that retro feel into these songs - makes one long for that radio era. More such songs!:)


Munish Sharma said...

Thanks for your interest in
We have listened the song. It's very nice, your voice matched with the original singer.
Please keep it up.

Munish Sharma

Nandita M said...

Great selection. It is so refreshing to hear such classics and thanks for singing it so beautifully.

Parasmani said...

Musharraf sahab: Thanks for listening to both the songs. I am happy that you liked "Kahe koyal".
Sai, Munish ji and Nandita: Thanks for supporting my efforts to revive this song from 6+ decades back.

Vaishali said...

Very authentic rendition Paras ... liked it a lot !!

Asim Ghosh said...

Very familiar tune, listened to it many times in the past. Loved the intro. It shows how much research and effort you put into each of your posts. Amazing!!!

I agree, this is one of your best renditions. Then again, all classics come out absolutely fantastic in your voice. Liked this one a great deal!

Thanks for treating us with these bhule-bichhDre geet.

Parasmani said...

Vaishali & Asim...I am so happy that you liked it.
Asim...Your attention to details is very encouraging. I like to know the history and evolution of "popular music". These are some of the artists and songs that inspired and impressed young Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar.

Anonymous said...

It is so good and refreshing to hear you ...reviving old classics!great job!

bahut pasand aaya yah gana.also thanks for the information.

Parasmani said...

Alpana: Aap ko ganaa pasand aaya ye padh ke dil bahot khush hua.

Narayanan said...

(g)olden song selection..
Beautiful singing.. liked your voice and expressive singing..


Parasmani said...

Gopinath: I am happy that you liked this rendition. Thanks.

Rahul Vyas said...


Are you kidding me? These songs sound like the original songs. I don't know what else to say but you are FANTASTIC.

dr_priya said...

Paras my darling.... Loooved it.
Admire you for the perfect diction and expressions, a pleasure to hear U sing.
Grateful to meet U over the net.. a doc sings and a doc listens.. looks funny for me dear sister!
Love U looooots.

Sudha said...

Wah Paras - loved the retro journey - you sang so beautifully!
A real treat!

Parasmani said...

Rahul: Thanks! Very kind remarks...

Dr. Priya: I am very happy to have a friend like you too.

Sudha: So nice of you to visit this song. Thanks :)

Srikumaran Madhava Menon said...

Very beautifully sung....very refreshing and nostalgic...Cheers!!!

Parasmani said...

Thanks, Srikumaran!

MUFLIS said...

wow !!
beautifully sung...
lekin ,,
jaane kyooN
i kept waiting /wishing to have
"akhiyaaN milaa ke, jiyaa bharmaa ke, chale (NAHIn) jaana.."
ki jagah
"...chale (NAEEn) jaana.."
couldnt help saying...sorry.

regards .

Thinkal Govind Kumar said...

Awesome rendition in your great soulful voice bringing back a lot of nostalgic memories about the good old days !
Standing ovation !
LOVED it to the core !
You are quite versatile !