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Raag Miyan ki Todi

Miyan Tansen (born Ramtanu Pandey 1506 – 1589) , one of the greatest vocalists and composers of Hindustani classical music was born in Behat, near Gwalior to Hindu Brahmin parents. He learnt music from Swami Haridas of Brindavan and later from Muhammad Ghaus (Sufi saint of Shattari order).

He is believed to be the contemporary of Baiju Bawra. He was in the court of King Ramchandra Baghela of Reva when Shehanshah Akbar called for him and kept him in his court as one of the Navratna (nine jewels). Tansen later converted to Islam. Akbar honored him with the title of "Miyan".

Several of the Hindustani Raag are composed by him and often called...Miyan ki Todi, Miyan ki Malhar, Miyan ki Mand and Miyan ka Sarang. He is also credited with creating major raag like Darbari Kanada, Darbari Todi, and Rageshwari.

Swami Haridas, Tansen and Baiju Bawra were "Dhrupad" style singers.

Tansen married Husseini. All his children, Tanras Khan, Bilas Khan, Hamirsen, Suratsen and Saraswati Devi were musicians.Almost all Gharanas of Hindustani music trace their lineage to Tansen. Tansen was buried in the mousoleum complex of his Guru, Muhammed Ghaus, in Gwalior.

"Khuda-e-Bartar" is based on Raag Miyan ki Todi, (similar raag..Bilaskhani Todi, Gurjari Todi).
Despite the obvious strain on my voice from not being well, I have selected this song because of Sahir's lyrics.

I thank Rajesh for singing the Pakad (quintessence) of Raag Todi.

Thaat: Todi
Aaroha: S-r-g-M-dh-N-S’
Avaroha: S’-N-dh-P-M-g-r-g-r-s
Jaati: Shadav-Sampoorn
Vaadi/Samvaadi : dh/g
Prahar: Morning (9 - 12)

Movie: Taj Mahal(1963)
Music: Roshan
Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi
Original singer: Lata Mangeshkar

Download "Khuda-e-bartar"

Download "Todi"
Khuda-e-bartar teri zameeN par, zameeN ki Khaatir, ye jaNg kyoN hai?
har ik fatah-o-zafar ke daaman pe Khuun-e-insaaN ka raNg kyoN hai?

zameeN bhi teri, haiN ham bhi tere, ye milkiyat ka savaal kyaa hai?
ye qatl-o-KhuuN ka rivaaz kyoN haiN? ye rasm-o-jaNg-o-jadaal kyaa hai?
jinheiN talab hai jahaan bhar ki unhiiN ka dil itnaa taNg kyoN hai?
Khuda-e-bartar teri zameeN par, zameeN ki Khaatir, ye jaNg kyoN hai?

Ghareeb maaoN, shareef behnoN ko amn-o-izzat kii zindagii de
jinheiN ataa kii hai tuu ne taaqat, unheiN hidaayat kii roshnii de
saroN meiN kibr-o-Gharoor kyoN hai? diloN ke sheeshe pe zaNg kyoN hai?
Khuda-e-bartar teri zameeN par, zameeN ki Khaatir ye jaNg kyoN hai?

qazaa ke raste pe jaanevaaloN ko bach ke aane kii raah dena
diloN ke gulshan ujaR na jaayeiN, muhabbatoN ko panaah dena
jahaaN meiN jashn-e-vafaa ke badle, ye jashn-e-teer-o-tufaNg kyoN hai?
Khuda-e-bartar teri zameeN par, zameeN ki Khaatir, ye jaNg kyoN hai?

Other famous songs in Todi...
Duniya na bhaye mohe
Eri main to prem diwani
Insaan bano
Main to ik khwab hun
Raina beeti jaye


Akshay said...

I found your selection of songs really intelligent. I like Rajesh's voice. You have a very expressive voice. The choice of songs is not often heard in other music blogs and on the contrary, your blog is a great way to identify good music. I found the info on Tansen really helpful. It would have been better if you could have talked about the legends associated with him in a few lines.

You come across as a very dedicated person... not just as a singer but also as a human being (er...was that too much?) Never mind! I really meant it. It is a very good song sung by Lata Didi you shed light on.

Rasendu said...

Very nice information.

Mala said...

Very good diction and you sang it with deep emotions! The classical base of the song is very appealing and you have demonstrated a good command on the notes. Well done!
I also liked the background on Tansen and his contemporaries.
Hope you feel better, soon.

Rajesh has a good voice and has sung the pakkad very well.
-- Mala

Azam Khan said...

I have to agree with all of the above. Uniqueness is #1 quality of your blog. These songs are rare indeed and re-introducing them is an excellent service you are providing.

Coming to your rendition, the emotional content is very appropriate and conveys the feelings wonderfully. Your voice, however, does sound strained. Please do take care of your health as we all would love to see you continue with such unique posts frequently.

Last but not least, Rajesh has done a wonderful job with the Pakad of the raag.

Keshav Kulkarni said...

brilliant write up. More on raagaas please!

N V Krishnan said...

First of all I appreciate you for your selection of songs.. Definitely worth an applause..Singing was as always very good. Good job by Rajesh too..


Dinesh Pithia said...

I'am so sorry being late! As always,
beautiful and unique selection of songs based on raaga. Well sung and informative script about Tansen. I do not have much knowledge about Hindustani Classical Music but really enjoyed listening and learning form your blog. Rajesh has also done a great job. Nice piece of work!

sai kumar menon said...

Not familiar with the songs but like the others said the info provided is always so illuminating. Well sung too!:)

Anonymous said...

excellent! one of my favorit-there are other songs too on this rag-TODI-like
1-Insan bano aur karo bhalaee ka koee kam'"BAIJu BAWra"
2-Aek tha bachapan'"AASHIRWAD"
3-Bhai re aapada dukh nu ketalu jor-Gujarati sugam
4-Har naee kiran ke sath mangal sandesh aaya jagore'"SANT GYANESHWAR"
Just go through a email I am sending you for a redy ref. for our raga--regards --dinesh

Nandita said...

Enjoyed reading the write-up.
Paras- Khuda-e-bartar. Hearing this song for the first time. Thanks for introducing me to this song. What wonderful lyrics. I wish people could think like this. Would really put an end to all the violence in the world. I absolutely loved your singing. Your urdu pronounciation is so awesome.

Rajesh- Am a big fan of your voice. Wonderful singing. Did notice a carnatic flavour in the singing though :).

Bharti said...

Hi Paras didi ,

Very valuable information on the Raag !You rendered the song very beautifully !! with a lot of clarity in your voice !! Enjoyed a lot!
Rajesh's pakad was excellent !! felt like it should just go on and not stop.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Parasmani,
Of course, I've never heard this song before. Thanks for your write-up, I came to know little bit of history. Enjoyed listening to your rendition and also Rajesh's aaroha and avaroha relate to this raag.

Get well soon!

Keep listening

Anonymous said...

Your renderings are absolutely awesome, please keep sharing the good work !

Namita Arora

Asim Ghosh said...

Patah nahi kahaan-kahaan se yeh sab anmol ratan dhund-ke laati hain aap! Despite the strain in your voice, you sang very well, with boatload of emotions & feelings.

Like Dinesh, I am too an 'anpad' when it comes to classical music and all its intricacies. Nevertheless, as always I enjoyed your write-up a great deal. Looks like you do a rather thorough research before writing them. You are truly chock-full-of-knowledge Paras.

Rajesh, w/o having any classical music knowledge, I can't comment on the technicalities of your effort. Magar yaar, bahot mazaa aayi gavaa. Loved that resonance in your voice. Can you please sing NiSaGaMa (by Yesudas, from the movie Anand Mahal)?

Parasmani said...

Akshay: Thanks. I am happy that you find these posts interesting. I find your blogs very interesting too.

Rasendu: Thanks :)

Mala: You are my sounding board. Thanks...

Azam: "Uniqueness" is an endangered species. Thank you for your kind remarks.

Dr.Keshav: Thanks...being a fellow physician, I have visited your posts. :)

NVK: Thanks for listening to this effort.

Dinesh : Your modesty is priceless. It is time for you to post something on your blog (Jeevan Sangeet)...

Dr. Dinesh Sedani: Thanks for the list. You are like an encyclopedia for me.

Sai: Thanks...Khuda-e-bartar is a relatively less known song, but it is well known amongst Sahir's fans.

Nandita: Thanks. Yes...the "anti war" lyrics are from Sahir ..."Alla tero naam" is another..

Rajesh: thanks for providing the beautiful piece. I love it.

Bharti and Shantha: Thank you for your time and support.
I am glad you liked the package.

Namita: Thanks :)

Asim: I am happy that you find my posts interesting.

Pradip Somasundaran said...

Khuda-e-bartar - Pristine voice and command on the language. What else to say! Will be back here for the other songs... :)

Parasmani said...

Thanks Pradip. Your input is very valuable to me.

Varsha said...

Paras it is always a pleasure to visit and listen to your renditions. Your presentations are really beautiful, creative and a treat for the mind & soul.


Rajesh Raman said...

Thanks to all for your valuable comments.!